In the Press

Cedric Bertelli and his work with Emotional Resolution has been featured in several Podcasts and numerous publications; including SF Examiner, Elephant Journal and Yogi Times. The following is comprised of select media features.

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U Didn’t Get the Memo with Gloria Bailey-Ray

A discussion with Cedric Bertelli, Director of The Emotional Health Institute.

On this show Travis is joined by Cedric Bertelli, creator of the Emotional Health Institute, who shares his background, experience, wisdom, and knowledge of emotional resonance. So many of us are stuck managing emotions that we don't want, and feel held back and held down by unwanted feelings.

In this episode of The Single Mama’s Guide Podcast, Kenya talks with Emotional Regulation expert, Cedric Bertelli about the emotional stresses that come along with single motherhood and how it can be relieved with a simple technique. 

On Break It Down, Cedric talks about using Tipi to regulate our emotional difficulties.

Great conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields in the Mindful Mama Podcast about Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation in parenting!

During this podcast with Simply Human Lifestyle, Cedric talks about about Tipi, resolving emotional difficulties, what are emotional difficulties, jealousy, the evolution of the sensations, cutting your finger, letting the body heal emotions, the core of all emotions = fear of death, blowing off steam, coaching kids, lumberjacks,, and

In this segment with The Artful Chiropractor, Cedric discusses Mastering Emotional Regulation with Tipi.


During this segment with Rowena Starling of the Save Your Breath Show, Cedric discusses how parents can regulate their disruptive emotional patterns and help their children do the same. 

Cedric Bertelli featured in the Podcast "Becoming a SuperHuman"


In Discover your Talent, we talked about childhood, dreaming and following your passions without fears!


Cedric Bertelli joins Grace Alcantar of Your World Bay Area in this interview on Tipi and emotion regulation.

Dr. Shoshana Simons in conversation with Luc Nicon at CIIS, San Francisco, California

In this Yogi Times article, Feel the Peace - The French Way, Cedric shares his personal story about how he found Tipi and how he continues to use it in his life and work. 

In this Elephant Journal article, Emotional Healing: The Journey from Fear to Freedom, Cedric shares how to regulate emotional patterns with Tipi and live a more fulfilling life.